Dried and Frozen Salted Beef Omasum

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Dried and Frozen Salted Beef Omasum

Ingredients :-
  • We are a professional producer and exporter of Dried and Frozen Salted Beef Omasum, We offer you Salted Omassum, which is extensively catered to our international clients.These are hugely demanded in hotels and restaurant due to its delectable taste.To retain the rich aroma and freshness of our range, we systematically processed and packed.

    B) Shin Shank
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    Shin Shank
    Buffalo meat fits the dietary guidelines of the AmericanHeart Association and is often prescribed by physicians to patients who should limit their fat intake. Several of the nationally recognized weight-loss programs list buffalo as oneof their recommended "dietfoods". We're confident you'llbe pleased with quality and taste of our home grown buffalo meat.



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